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Staff page

pics and small bios of the site staff.

Shadow Mori

Known as Shadow Mori:The Shadow Of The Moon he is the founder and site admin of Nerds Unite Forever. he lives in Arkansas U.S.A and loves playing games. He can make just about anything and loves long walks in the woods. He has blue eyes, blond hair and is 16 years of age. He's nerd type is Gamer and he knows Zelda like the back of his hand. "HAY, thats new." he says before falling into a pit of stalfoes "not again?!?"


ZDragon was here from the beginning and loved the idea. She is a Admin of the site. She lives in Kentucky, USA. She has blue eyes, brown hair and she wears glasses. She loves playing games and listening to Video Game Music, she would also would like to spread the word of NUFE. Giving out ideas is like a job, but she does it. The type of nerd she is an Unique type. She likes to play games as well geeking out shows among other things. She says when coming up to a dungeon "what's next in here?" She is now known as Zinc in the IRC.She also wants to move to Arkansas in the future.


I'm Toon Link95 (also known as TL95) one of this site's moderators, thanks to
Shadow this site's owner. I'm a 19 years old Finn who likes to play many
Nintendo games and also listen great Zelda musics like ZREO. I came
here after I met Shadow in Radio Hyrule's Chatroom and I'm happy I met
him there...